Write the story of Ecoball! Own one of 30,000 unique ECOPunks.
ECOPunks are NFTs on the Ecoball blockchain. Each of these 10,000 ECOPunks has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system.
ECOPunks remaining :
What makes ECOPunks so special ?
In the interest of fairness and to give everyone the chance to own one (or more) ECOPunks, the purchase is made on a random basis. The identity of the ECOPunks will remain a mystery until your purchase is completed. No first come, first serve, everyone can have a chance to get a ECOPunks Zombie or a ECOPunks Ape. The ECOPunks obtained are visible on our interface and will be exchangeable on our social networks or on our marketplace. You can get as many ECOPunks as you want but once the 10,000 are ECO it will be too late to get one at mint cost.

A unique avatar to be used everywhere to stand out on the ECOBALL blockchain.

Become a ECOPunk Collector. Buy, sell and trade safely.

Be part of the new NFT community of the ECOBALL ecosystem.